This could change computing forever


Magic Leap’s innovation isn’t just a high-tech display–it’s a disruption machine. This technology could affect every business that uses screens or computers and many that don’t. It could kill the $120 billion market for flat-panel displays and shake the $1 trillion global consumer-electronics business to its core. The applications are profound. Throw out your PC, your laptop and your mobile phone, because the computing power you need will be in your glasses, and they can make a display appear anywhere, at any size you like… More at Forbes.

A fascinating read. This could be huge. HUGE I tell you!

Wooden case for Macbook: wonderful or silly?

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.09.59.png

Mujjo’s limited edition Wooden Case is made by hand in Greece. We used reclaimed American Walnut veneer, taken from the furniture industry. Through a careful hand selection process, layers are stacked and placed in a handmade mould. This goes into a press, where the case comes to life when the layers of veneer are pressed together to form its iconic silhouette. From here, the case goes on to CNC, a computerized mill which cuts each case to precise measurements, revealing its simple and instantly recognizable final shape… More at Mujjo.

I don’t know if that is brilliant or completely over the top?

The Rider’s Chronograph

These two firms have collaborated before, most notably in 1983, creating the 7A28-7000, a.k.a. “Alien’s Ripley,” the futuristic watch Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ellen Ripley character wore in James Cameron’s classic sci-fi Aliens franchise. Seiko x Giugiaro reissued that one last year, and now they’re bringing back another nostalgia design: The Rider’s Chronograph.

As much as I love Seiko, I just don’t get the idea here. The Rider’s Chronograph is a quartz watch, it looks like a broken Swatch and, in my humble opinion, has little class. Sorry, I know many people like this kind of re-creation, but I can’s see it.