Apple Watch Series 2 Review


Jobs himself was not a wristwatch-wearer, so it’s hard to say if he would have liked it as a watch. Though, as a practical man by nature, I think he would have approved of producing a device that goes on the wrist and is analogous to the user experience many people have had with a watch. Clearly, the act of wearing something on your wrist is both natural-feeling and often quite comfortable. Society as a whole has, for the most part, become accustomed to wearing devices on their wrists, so the Apple Watch did not require new behavior to be learned. It also didn’t require learning any new methods of data input or a learning curve of how to use the information that it offered. In fact, the Apple Watch – along with many other smartwatches – might have some shortcomings, but I don’t think a lack of intuitive utility is one of them… More at A Blog To Watch.

Always good to read a review of the Apple Watch from people who follow traditional watches. As considered as would be expected.

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