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  • Change the colour of your Apple Watch strap for less than £10

    One thing that really irks me about the Apple Watch is the insane pricing of the straps and more importantly the fact that Apple has created a proprietary mechanism to attach them to the watch. With prices ranging from £39 for… Read More ›

  • When Finder fails

    I have been experiencing a strange problem on my iMac for the past couple of weeks which has caused it to become almost unusable. For the work I do, I am constantly saving files and moving them between folders and… Read More ›

  • The new MacBook

    My son and I spent some time with the new MacBook today and I must say that we were both mightily impressed. The keyboard and trackpad are superbly engineered, but the casing, form and everything else comes together beautifully to… Read More ›

  • YouTube to the rescue

    For several years running, I had to call out a plumber every autumn; the central heating pump would quit shortly after I turned on the system. One year, I had a magnetic filter installed to catch the gunk that kept… Read More ›

  • Pencil-Tip Sculptures

    It’s one thing to create sculptures on a pencil-tip, but to make them so recognisable is quite amazing. You can see more here.

  • Georgia

    I was in a coffee shop at the weekend and the above song was playing in the background. One Shazam and a purchase from iTunes later and the album was mine in seconds. Such a sweet song.

  • Apple Watch: conflicted

    I don’t think I have ever felt so conflicted by a new mobile product as the Apple Watch, but I suspect that I will have a lot to write about over the next week. Comparing it to the Pebble and… Read More ›

  • #afcb


  • $13.6 billion

    “CUPERTINO, California—April 27, 2015—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 second quarter ended March 28, 2015. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $58 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.6 billion, or $2.33 per diluted share. These results… Read More ›

  • Smart watch(bands)

    My quite ridiculous watch experiment above turned out to be kind of practical, but ultimately looked amazingly silly. However, the idea of a traditional watch with some smart functions around the band has some merit and so the Kairos T-Band… Read More ›