Why Printers Are So Terrible

Because wow, they truly are. Like many people, I’ve had printers break on me in a myriad of irritating ways. Sometimes, the nozzles on inkjet cartridges started leaking or clogging, or wireless connections crapped out and never worked again. Other times, paper jams created a pile of internal confetti impossible to extract — or, conversely, the printer insisted it suffered from a paper jam that didn’t exist… More here.

Hate printers. Hate them hate them hate them!

2 thoughts on “Why Printers Are So Terrible

  1. Hi, first time writing here. Not sure what problems you’ve had, in my 15+ different printers, from dot matrix in the early 1980s, Deskjet 500 late 80s and modern printers (small and large) , I’ve had very little issues with them. Maybe paper-wise? But, I’ve only had issues with “re-filled” cartridges but not with original ones. Anyhoo love your posts!

  2. Always connectivity for me. Every wireless printer I have used has been a real pain, but fortunately I rarely need to print which helps;)

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