The Apple Watch Ultra is a terrible watch design

There’s no getting around the fact that the Ultra looks big. But it does not feel heavy on the wrist. The case surface has a different finish than the Series 5–7 models that were offered in titanium. On those Series models, the titanium surface had a brushed finish. On the Ultra, it has a sort of textured finish. Micro-pebbled perhaps describes it. It’s definitely not perfectly smooth, let alone polished, but it’s also just as definitely not brushed. However the texture is best described, it very much befits a rugged sports watch. It feels good and in my opinion looks good… More here.

Gruber is a watch person and he understands watches. He is, however, a major apologist for all things Apple and so cannot seem to write about the elephant(s) in the room when reviewing the Ultra.

The problems are laid out well in this video which shows just how big it is on the wrist, to the point of ungainliness and Marques explains in his review how the shape is a big part of the problem.

The extra battery life (still woefully behind many Garmin models), extra toughness (still not convinced it is as tough as it needs to be) and added features such as the siren do not make up for the disadvantages. The sheer height of the thing, the dimensions and most of all the shape are not consistent with what would work on any wrist.

It looks like a computer on the wrist and it does not suit being worn every day for non-adventurous tasks. This is Apple’s first foray into making a new Apple Watch design, but that square shape needs to go at some point, it really does. A circular shape may not be logical for a digital display, but wearing anything on your wrist all day long is not by definition a logical thing.

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