Tory bots, empty words and lies lies lies

Hard to know what to believe anymore. And for those of you not in the UK, the below video shows the next UK Prime Minister (fingers crossed) being abused by morons who have used what the current Prime Minister said (he lied) in Parliament last week for their own strange and hard to understand motives. Warning: very bad language included.

One thought on “Tory bots, empty words and lies lies lies

  1. Hope so too, still to be convinced by some of those behind him, but there comes a point where removing the current incompetence is too important.
    That said – I do wonder if there’s more to the Starmer protestors situation (not condoning Johnson’s moronic comments) – apparently the group were subsequently addressed by Piers Corbyn – hardly a right wing person ( – were they on the way to a rally by him or did he magically appear out of nowhere?

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