Keep Forgetting Things? That could be an advantage

“Uh-oh. Am I forgetting things because my brain is slowing down due to aging?”

Today, we have some good and interesting news to share on this front.

First of all, if you worry, stop. It’s not likely to help in any event. But second, it turns out that forgetting things might actually be a neurological advantage… More here.

Very interesting and good news for anyone who is worrying about such things.

2 thoughts on “Keep Forgetting Things? That could be an advantage

  1. It was probably sour grapes thinking but I wondered if not having a particularly good at remembering things brain, and coming up with decent life-managing strategies to cope with that, might put me in better stead than someone who has always had good recall, if it begins to fade. (Vs the more dour interpretation that unworkable forgetfulness is more like a linear race , and my starting line is way ahead of some other folks…)

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