You can stop the New York Times taking Wordle from you

The news that the New York Times is buying Wordle is a concern for those of us who spend a couple of minutes playing it every day. It has been something free and simple to play, and to compete with people if you choose to.

Jo and I discussed Wordle in the latest podcast episode and we covered what makes it what it is, and why we keep coming back every day, but it seems that to continue to do so we would have to pay a subscription.

Well, it isn’t that good and I would not pay an American newspaper for access because Wordle alone does not a subscription make.

We do have some potential to carry on playing though, even if it not the original, through various apps and likely new web games that will appear. Wordle is not an original game by any stretch and the NYT buying it will not change that- it is open for us to do what we want with and it seems that even the following could be a workable solution-

If we can get to a point where Wordle could sit on our phones and generate a new word each day, and potentially allow sharing still I would take that, and I would not feel bad about potentially taking money from the NYT.

I don’t blame the creator of Wordle for selling up, I would do the same for 7 figures, but I do know that it is not original and is open for us to play as we want to in the future.

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