Is the Withings ScanWatch the best definition of a hybrid watch to date?

After a couple of days I think it is.

This is a very difficult area and to date every brand has failed to come up with a hybrid watch that does not deviate too much to one side or the other. Many have tried to be too watchy and ended up being unsmart and lacking on the fitness side. Others are basically smartwatches with physical hands attached and the end result is hard to use and merely a clunky nod to trying to be both.

The ScanWatch, however, feels different. It really does feel and look like a watch, and when you need to dig a little deeper you can without too much fuss and seemingly in an accurate and complete way.

I am only a couple of days in, but the thought of 30 days of battery life appeals, the simplicity of the associated app stands out instantly and first results suggest that accuracy is up there with the Apple Watch and Garmin offerings.

I will detail more in a few day’s time, but my initial impressions are that Withings has done the ScanWatch largely right in terms of form and function. It is a very impressive start.

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