Working from home doesn’t have to mean living at work

The above image shows a whiteboard. Yes, a whiteboard that looks like a picture which when opened up becomes a brilliant working from home tool.

Many have struggled over the past 18 months to fit their work into their homes, and to not impact the people they live with. A bit of imagination, however, may make this a lot easier provided you have the space of course.

I have attached a charger underneath my dining room table that can power my laptop, external display, iPad and iPhone and when it is not in use you would not know that it was there.

I always put the laptop and my other work stuff away over the weekend in a set of cheap drawers I bought specifically to hide evidence that my home is also my office a lot of the time.

Small changes you make can help a lot to make your home feel more like your home again. The absolute last thing people need is to have a constant reminder that their job is around them all of the time, and in particular if their job happens to be very stressful.

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  1. Yeah, I am lucky enough to have my own office (which doubles up as my dressing room, but is more my own custom space than what my partner has, though she doesn’t WFH much) And it’s a bummer, in the before times my desk was my playspace for cool projects, now it has to do double duty and actually I’m more tempted to veer off to the couch just to be in a different physical and mental space. (one of the reasons I indulged and got a 16″ mac, so that the couch time could still get a certain type of personal project going)

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