The future of clothing is tech

While clothes today still do what they’ve been doing for the last 50,000 years, keeping you warm, dry and cool, we’re on the edge of a revolution. Over the next 10 to 100 years clothes are going to be used to enhance our strength and sensory perception. They will help us become faster, more intelligent, and live longer. So we’re starting work on the next 50,000 years of clothing. Here are a few of our favourites so far.

We created the world’s first Graphene Jacket using the only material in the world with a Nobel Prize, and a pair of 100 Year Pants built to withstand fire, nature, water, and the rest of this century.

We made the two toughest t shirts on Earth: our Carbon Fibre T Shirt is engineered with 120 metres of carbon fibre normally found in jet engines and supercars, while our Ceramic T Shirt is embedded with the same ceramic technology as the International Space Station… More here.

I listened to a podcast that included a chat with one of the owners of the brand and it was very impressive. To say the future of clothing will involve tech sounds perfectly plausible to me and if you peruse the website you will find lots of fascinating detail and items to purchase, albeit at a cost.

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  1. Just tell someone to make a damn zip hoody that also has zip pockets. No idea why this is such a genius rare idea.

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