The entire Apple Watch series 7 launch feels rushed, screwed up and verging on deceptive…

Yikes. Apple did not have many stainless steel or titanium models available for launch, especially in the UK. The first date I was offered (1 minute into the store opening) was in November, regardless of playing with options.

There’s a couple of people on macrumors who got launch day, but they don’t seem to be in the UK. Interestingly, even now the dates are still the same time in November. Suspect that’s the real date production ramps up… Peter

Peter added the above to the McGST WhatsApp group and this is similar to what I saw when I checked the stock situation, although in my case with no intention to buy.

None of this launch has felt right and it I am now more than 100% certain that this is not the watch Apple wanted to release.

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