Apple’s lower TCO and huge satisfaction

The survey looks at how IT departments perceive Apple devices, what their employees request, and more. Some of these more interesting callouts are that nearly half of all IT professionals surveyed believe Apple devices have advantages over other types of devices for hybrid workers. Even more startling is that 75% agree that Apple devices have a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the devices… More here.

I have banged on about this for years. The initial cost puts many people off, or they simply cannot afford it, but the end result is almost always a device that will last for much longer than the competition.

I talk about my daughter’s iMac a lot; I bought it in 2010 and she uses it every single day and it is working fine. The components and the OS mean that this is possible. I cannot imagine many Windows PCs doing the same as regularly as Macs manage.

87% of teens in the Fall 2021 survey own an iPhone, a near record metric. 88% of teens expect an iPhone to be their next phone, also near a record. A record 30% of teens own an Apple Watch in the Fall 2021 survey. Apple also has 86% market share among teen smart watch owners… More here.

These numbers are crazy high even though Apple tends to skew much higher in the US. The Apple Watch stats do seem high for teenagers, I don’t see many teenagers wearing Apple Watches over here, but lots of older people.

5 thoughts on “Apple’s lower TCO and huge satisfaction

  1. I still have my 2009 MacBook Pro which I’ve upgraded to High Sierra via a patch. It still runs fine and it’s there if I need something portable. My old iPad Mini 2 was running fine if a bit slow. I don’t know how available this is, but when I bought my new iPad Mini, I was able to spread the payments out over 6 months with no interest.

    1. I think the marriage of decent components and a software platform that is fairly efficient makes for the longevity for sure.

  2. I do know I tend to compare $1200 Macbook Airs against $500 Windows PCs…. like if I think I was more spendy on WIndows PCs, I might have ended up thinking a bit better of them…

    1. But that comparison is fair in terms of hardware performance. Thing is that a Windows PC usually doesn’t last anywhere near as long. If you paid $1200 for a Windows PC, it would be faster, but it still might not last as long.

      1. I suspect you might be right but I don’t have personal empirical evidence… because I always spend less on PCs 😀

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