iPhone 13 Pro: day 1

I didn’t expect to buy the iPhone 13 Pro. It offers little above my 11 Pro apart from the camera features, but things changed quickly.

My wife and I were discussing her iPhone X and my daughter’s iPhone 8 and eventually we decided that it was worth the cost for the benefits we would get. I do have freelance considerations that will cost in and the macro, video functionality will be useful to a new project I am involved in, and so here it is.

I won’t be going in to great detail each detail, but it made sense to me to detail what it was like to buy a new iPhone in 2021 and what the experience is like, and if the benefits are valid.

All I can say so far is that if you are in the ecosystem already be prepared for a wait as you move your data over to the new iPhone. The re-setting up of Apple Pay cards, the moving of iCloud data and the other considerations means that even though it is a cleverly created transfer process, it can take a few hours to complete.

You will need patience when moving to an iPhone 13 if you have a lot of iCloud data to transfer over.

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