Apple Watch fitness rings are a pain, or are they?

But one application on the watch — the one which made the watch-wearing experience compulsively addictive — may actually drive me to give up the whole thing. I’m talking about the one-two hit of the Apple Watch and the Fitness app. 

Why am I thinking of ditching a mostly-convenient device just because of one application? I’m at a point where the relationship I have with my watch is shot through with irritation and life is honestly too short to seethe every time I get an admonition to check my daily ring progress… More here.

I am in two minds about the fitness capabilities of the Apple Watch. On the one hand they add stress we do not need on a daily basis. On the other, I would likely drop off very quickly without being nagged.

It’s a tough one to consider because through the lock downs it was a godsend. As things start to move back to normality the facility feels nagging and annoying a lot of the time.

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