The iPhone has a notch?

The new and improved notch is still a notch. A big notch, too, compared to the hole-punch cameras and teardrop cutouts that competitors like Samsung or OnePlus have been offering on their flagship phones.

Naturally, we here at The Verge have some thoughts on the subject: is the notch worth it in 2021? Or does it need to go the way of the dinosaur? More here.

From the very first day I owned the iPhone X I genuinely never noticed the notch. I am not an Apple apologist on this subject, I just cannot fathom why this is even a big issue to some.

If the notch was removed tomorrow I am not convinced I would notice if I was not aware beforehand. It is just there, it almost adds to the sense that the bezels are very thin and it has never got in the way for me because I don’t do things on my iPhone serious enough to be that distracted.

How about you? How noticeable is the notch on your iPhone?

2 thoughts on “The iPhone has a notch?

  1. I have an iPhone 12 Mini. If I just pick it up and use it, I’ve never noticed the notch as being distracting. It’s like a slightly larger bezel. Of course now that I’ve read this, I’ll probably notice it more, for a day.

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