Cosplay and watch wearing

Cosplay and its sibling, LARPing, are byproducts of the universalization of otaku communities, which are groups of people brought together by an unhealthy obsession with people and places that never existed. Otaku is a Japanese term that started out referring to someone who is too wrapped up in anime and manga for their own good. It originally had slightly pejorative connotations – think the Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons – but nerd culture has come a long way. Even watch-nerds have gone mainstream… More here.

I have long thought that the process of spending £1,000’s on watches because one went to the moon or because James Bond (he isn’t even real) wore one is somewhat odd.

It’s a bit like playing dress up and pretending to be some kind of superhero or inspirational real-life person, and paying a fortune to do so.

I have never bought in to that and hopefully will not reach the mid-life stage where I feel the need to.

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