Apple Watch series 7: a tiny massive difference

We now know that the display on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 will be 396 x 484 pixels and 1.9″ on the diagonal. We can surmise that the bezels of the new watch will be ever so slightly thinner, both because of the new display size and because of the flat edges. You’ll likely not see as much of the watch case from the front with the Series 7… More here.

There has been a lot more information leaked this year which suggests that there will be a delay. However, it does look as though the wait may be worth it because the image above highlights how much difference an extra 0.12″ can make.

It appears to be shaping up quite nicely with the flat screen, flat case, better battery performance and bigger screen. And then there is the new Atlas watch face (see it via the link above) which is a lovely addition.

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