A post about client sexual harassment

I was sexually harassed by a client last night. The harassment itself was no big deal, just drunken, stupid sexual texts, multiple calls & videocalls I didn’t pick up. Unfortunately, this is not something new as a woman in tech – the usual “it just wasn’t like me” or “I don’t normally do this” might work for you – it’s really something most of us women are on the receiving end of multiple times a year. So, as a veteran of the techbro industry the harassment itself hasn’t really bothered me more than just some idiot I can block – I’d even rate it a boring 3/10 on the inventiveness scale. What has bothered me and that I want to write about is the knock on effects to my financial and emotional health. The fallout of such a situation that I’ve now been put in… More here.

So shocking, so common and sadly so typical.