My listening devices scare me

Jo and I were talking about our ancestors yesterday after going through some very old family photos. It was just a quick chat in the living room and nothing else, but I happened to mention that we should look at one of the ancestry services and make an effort.

Thirty minutes later the first two YouTube adverts I was served were based on finding my ancestors and building a family tree…

Now, we all know that if you search for something online the algorithms kick in and you will be bombarded, but this is happening quite frequently to me now and I am trying to find the source.

A chat in my living room should be just that and it should go nowhere else, but I am now 100% convinced that it is because it is happening too much; subjects I have not spoken about for months which when discussed suddenly appear in my searches, online ads etc.

Is it the Amazon Echo in the lounge? Feels like a likely culprit. My iPhone? I have ‘Hey Siri’ turned off. My Apple Watch? My Smart TV?

Am I paranoid or just scared? I will find out one way or another.

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