From typewriter to MacBook: progress…

My daughter bought an old typewriter yesterday to clean up and fix. She loves the idea even though she realises that her Chromebook is a ‘much’ better tool for her writing, but as I lugged it into the boot of my car I realised just how far we have progressed.

It is heavy and by that I mean HEAVY to the point that I almost injured myself carrying a few steps, but it is also impressive in so many ways. From the attention to detail to the unbreakable components (OK it is broken currently) to the snapshot of its time it offers in every single part of it, it is a beautiful object.

And then I happened to place it down next to my MacBook Air and I realised just how far we have come. When I consider what I can do with the MacBook and what I can do with the Typewriter, which is only type very slowly when it is repaired, the leap is simply gigantic!

I realise that this is not a new discovery and that every part of the above is completely obvious, but putting the two next to each other tells a story that ten thousand words would struggle to convey.