We have the worst UK government in history

In case you didn’t know – and I didn’t till a senior government official told me – the daily tally of infections seriously understates the actual number of infections, because if you are sick with Covid19 today but had it any time in the past (even last spring) your new bout is not included in the daily dashboard figures. We know people are being reinfected. And if the pandemic were to be spreading – which it might be – from first infected school children to second infected adults, we would not see that change in real time. This is profoundly troubling. And although it probably remains true, as I said on Friday, that we are past the peak of the pre 19 July surge, the inadequacy of the daily measurement data undermines confidence. As I understand it, there is deep disquiet among officials that the dashboard stats are compiled in this way, but no one at the top of Public Health England or the Department of Health and Social Care will authorise the change. PS in other respect, autumn booster jabs and so on, government policy is conditioned by the serious risk of reinfection. So just so bonkers to exclude re-infections from the daily published infection figures… More here.

This is illogical, dangerous and presumably deliberate.

A former Conservative councillor received a £120 million government contract for face shields whose quality is so doubtful that fewer than 1 in 400 have been used, meaning each one has so far cost the equivalent of £423… More here.

The number of stories like this is very troubling. It has become standard process for these huge contracts to go to their mates with no penalties for poor end results. Looks like he managed to buy a nice home as well from the proceeds.

The above was tweeted here (thanks to Marc for sharing it). I remain convinced that the UK government’s main priority at this time is to hide what is really happening with Brexit.

One feeds the other. Covid + corruption = hiding the real reason behind what is happening while helping your mates. This will need to be paid for over many decades and you can guarantee the people behind it won’t be paying…

I don’t want to keep posting political content, but we seem to be seeing more and more stories of deceit, corruption and incompetence every single day.