No one will notice your watch, absolutely no one.

I would bet good money that the majority of luxury watch purchases are done so, at least in part, to impress other people. People I know who own brands such as Rolex, Omega and even Tudor have a tendency to make sure others see their timepieces by one means or another.

It is not everyone of course and I have been surprised how my son does not care at all if anyone notices his watch, but I admit that in the past I have had a tendency to either talk about or overtly display my watch. Those days are thankfully gone and I view watches differently these days because they no longer feel even vaguely important.

The problem with the above, besides the vanity, is that it is completely futile and a recent experience brought this home to me. I purchased the Garmin Instinct recently for a freelance project and have been wearing it for the past 8 days. All day every day, most of those days spent with my wife, but it was only today that she was made aware of it when I told her I had bought it.

In 8 days she had not noticed a bold looking very large watch on my wrist that was completely different to any other watch I own. This could be put down to being married, but the chances of anyone noticing your watch, no matter what the brand, is minuscule at most.

If you are aiming to buy a luxury watch with any intention to impress others I would suggest to give the idea up pretty quickly.

As an aside, I have worn the Instinct for 8 days and the battery life is currently 78% even with 1 hour of exercise tracking per day. With the solar feature this could last for a month easily.

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