Spigen Lite Fit: the best Apple Watch strap I have worn

You can pay £99 for a Braided Solo Loop, £49 for a Sport band or even £349 for a Silver Link Bracelet from Apple. Or you could treat yourself to a Hermès Ébène Barénia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle for a mere £539.

The world of Apple Watch straps is an expensive one, at least it is if you buy them from Apple, but surely we all know by now that Amazon makes a lot more sense, and value, for Apple Watch straps. You can buy a sports strap for a fifth the cost of an official Apple one and while it is not quite of the same quality, it is certainly not only 20% as good.

The Spigen Lite Fit is an unusual design for an Apple Watch strap, but it ticks more boxes than almost any other band while covering most of the unique features some offer.

It is elasticated which makes it as comfortable as a Solo Loop.

You can adjust it to any point which makes it more adjustable than a Sport Band.

The material is very subtle which gives it the vibe and weight of a Sport Loop.

In short, it feels like the centre ground amongst all of the official watch straps Apple offers and it goes some way to making it feel less of a smartwatch and just a touch closer to a real watch. The way it wraps around the lug pins is impressive and it just looks so right.

One downside is the lack of options. You get black, navy and green (they call it Khaki which it is not), and they are all quite similar in terms of their tone so you have to live with the look as it is. Also, there is a small learning curve when working out how to adjust the size so that it hugs when you slide it over your wrist, but the end result is a snug fit that puts it one above any other Apple Watch strap I have worn to date. Very impressive for the price.

Available here.

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