Should Apple bring back the classic iPod?

Most of, if not all, of Apple’s devices also can’t play the highest-end lossless files that Apple Music can now deliver without additional hardware. This means that Apple doesn’t sell something it can point to and say “this is the best Apple Music experience you can get, period.” An iPod could be just that.

While Apple Music should be tightly integrated into a modern iPod, it would also be great if it could play music from other services, and if it had a totally Classic mode that just played files synced from a computer… More here.

Some decent arguments in the above article, but I am not so sure this makes sense apart from for the sake of nostalgia.

The fact that lossless music is not supported by the AirPods or any wireless headphones is a problem for Apple, but it seems that practicality will win out. Also, the 4G Apple Watch is there for ultimate portability if you really want it, but without lossless of course.

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