From f*cking useless to f*cking dangerous

Johnson called his previous health secretary ‘f*cking useless’ and he may have had a point, but he seems to prefer dangerous these days.

Johnson will today announce that ‘legal restrictions on face masks will be dropped to let people “exercise a degree of personal responsibility and judgment”.’

He is going to ask a country that voted for Brexit because of some words on a bus to use it’s common sense.

There is literally no downside to wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic, and we are without doubt still in the middle of it. It had almost become an indicator of social class as to whether you wear a mask or not and it has become divisive, and a point of friction between people.

Johnson will advise that we need to ‘learn to live with Covid’. It is endemic and we are just over one year in. To live with it would be to control it and to the move forward. It will take at least 2 years to be in a place where we can live with it and he knows that, the whole government knows that.

The Queen, on behalf of the government, is awarding the George Cross to the NHS rather than something useful like a pay rise or minimal restrictions to minimise some of the continual stress the staff are suffering from.

It is symbolism, just like the flags and the anti-EU rhetoric. None of it makes any sense at all, but the government can do it because they can take enough people who simply do not understand along for the ride.

I could go on about long Covid, the deeper economic effects of more cases etc, but I am tired of it all. So f*cking tired.

This is deeply worrying. Knowing Johnson as we do I sense that there is an end game here that concerns the future of the NHS and one that will potentially change our lives forever. People talk about ‘taking back control’ and ‘freedom day’ all of the time while simultaneously not seeing that we are losing our freedoms a little bit more every day.

One thought on “From f*cking useless to f*cking dangerous

  1. I was very surprised at this announcement. Although many U.S. states are saying basically the same thing. Sure, if everyone was vaccinated, but they’re not, and this damn thing is creating yet more variants. Here in Canada, I’m hoping for more common sense. Is wearing a mask really that big a deal to keep you and others safe, or at least safer?

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