Dog owner who tied heavy rock to pet and threw it into river fined £80

A dog owner who tried to drown her pet by tying a heavy rock to its neck and throwing it in a river has been fined just £80.

Charlene Latham, 32, put the rock in a carrier bag and tied the handles to her Belgian shepherd Bella’s lead.

She then threw the dog and the rock into the River Trent in Farndon, Nottinghamshire, before running away.

Passer-by Jane Harper was walking along the river bank on the morning of 6 January last year when she heard a loud splash and saw Bella beginning to disappear under the water… More here.

£80… When will the law treat those who abuse animals in a similar way to those who abuse other humans?

5 thoughts on “Dog owner who tied heavy rock to pet and threw it into river fined £80

  1. I’m proud to say that Ontario has the strongest penalties in Canada. The fine can be up to $130,000Cdn and/or 2 years in jail, and of course a lifetime ban on owning animals.

  2. £80 and banned from keeping dogs for three years.

    I never understand these short bans either. Its like with those police TV shows. They chase an idiot through residential districts at over 100mph, past schools and through town centres. When finally they are stopped, often having caused untold damage along the way, they’re invariably over the limit, drugged up, are in possession, etc. And they are banned from driving for 2 years.

    Driving, having pets, etc, should be considered privileges. And they should be lost for life with such incidents. It’s like those people who are allowed to keep driving in exceptional circumstances. Eg. with >60 points on their licenses because to lose their license would cause “exceptional hardship”. Erm, sorry. The ban limit is normally 12. I might be okay with someone on 15 points, but 62 (google…) i’m unclear even why they’re not at her majesty’s pleasure.

    rant over 🙂

    1. Re the driving, there always has to be some flexibility in law, but it does seem to bend for some in preference to others!

      1. Agreed – my 15 points example was based on a retired person who rushed his partner to hospital, and then rushed back to get her medication or something like that. Doing over 90 in a 70, both ways camera was an instant 6 points each way.

        1. Tom had a really bad asthma attack when he was 18 months old while staying with his gran. He was rushed to hospital and I was stopped on the M3 doing +100mph as I was so panicked. The policeman called the hospital to check the story, told me to slow down for the rest of the trip and wished my son well. That was 20 years ago… No points or anything.

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