QOTD: How did you get through the past year?

I’m curious as to how you coped with the lockdowns, worries and everything else that has happened over the past year? Also, what have you learned? I will likely publish a follow-up including some of your answers to show the variety of how we all coped with the same situation, but as we reach a year from the start of this it feels like the right time to discuss it.

For me it was all about exercise every day and pushing myself as hard as possible. It was the only thing that helped me and then Covid struck and I haven’t been able to exercise at all since. I have a series of tests coming and I must say that I am impressed by the amount of time the NHS is putting in to understanding why these longer term symptoms occur. For example, my Vo2 Max dropped from the moment I caught Covid and it has not recovered since, hence the exercise issues.

A steep drop from the middle of January and wheezing when exercising ever since.

I have also been learning how to fix and service mechanical watches and it is slow going, but quite relaxing and rewarding when I see a watch come back to life again.

Finally, I found time to start writing properly again and Tiny Tears should be out in the next few months. I started writing it a long time ago, but lockdown gave me a new perspective and the story has taken on a completely new path. Fingers crossed I can get to the end of it.

So, let us all know how you coped and what you have learnt over the past 12 months.

One thought on “QOTD: How did you get through the past year?

  1. I’ve been retired for years so my routine hasn’t changed that much. The biggest loss is not seeing and playing with my grandkids every week. I’m in that higher-risk group so I try to be more careful. There’s stuff to do around the house. There are things I finally have time for since I retired, so I can keep busy. Tom’s twice-weekly concerts and the friends I’ve made there have helped a lot as well.

    I’ve learned to balance the cost and risk of driving somewhere to buy things versus ordering online. That said, my wife has a dog-walking business and since she’s out and about anyway, does most of the grocery shopping.

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