The Super Nintendo Switch

While the Switch currently supports 1080p output while docked (or 720p in handheld mode), 4K video would be a new frontier for Nintendo. Exploring Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule or zooming around Bowser’s castle in Mario Kart will be more immersive experiences than ever in crisp 4K.

And it’s not just the internals that are in for what Drake calls a “meaningful upgrade” – the console’s handheld mode is set to be enhanced, most likely receiving a larger, higher resolution display. And we might get to enjoy it sooner rather than later – the upgraded device is said to be dropping some time in 2021… More here.

I guess Nintendo has to do this, but I struggle to see the market. Hardcore gamers will stick with Xbox and Playstation and the majority of Nintendo gamers are not too worried about raw power. Nintendo has a very big niche and maybe it should cater more within that?

2 thoughts on “The Super Nintendo Switch

  1. Nintendo has always taken an iterative approach on the handheld side of the market – DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 2DS…The Switch Lite is out already, so it’s no surprise at all that a Switch XL might be on the way.

  2. Yeah. I’m personally a little blind to advantages of super-hi-rez stuff- I was even slow to get to Retina on my mac. I’m not sure it matters for the cartoony stuff Nintendo does? (including the beautiful subtle cel-shading style of breath of the wild) .

    Too bad Rockstar had a falling out w/ Nintendo. I mean Nintendo’s years away from running Red Dead Redemption 2 but if a Xbox 360 could do GTA 5, maybe a Switch could too? Til then I have to make due with like Saints Row 4 for big modern-setting open world games 😀

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