Stefan Sagmeister: shopping in boxes…

We also talked about some of his other recent projects, including Sagmeister And Walsh: Beauty, a book he co-authored with his business partner Jessica Walsh lamenting the absence of beauty in 20th-century design and the importance of reviving it as we look to the future, a collection of artworks he’s created that combine data and design to show human progress over time, and why he closes his agency down every seven years so everyone can take a sabbatical and recharge. Getting to speak with Sagmeister one-on-one and to see how his brain works in real-time totally blew me away.

This podcast episode from Hodinkee is excellent. Stefan makes one excellent point after another, and I was particular interested in what he said about retail. We have turned it from a pleasurable experience that we want to do to a mere necessity. And we still wonder why it is in so much trouble.

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