Making daylight time permanent

The Ontario government has passed legislation that would end the bi-annual changing of clocks, making daylight time permanent in the province—but the change will only happen if neighbouring jurisdictions agree.

The Time Amendment Act, which was tabled by Jeremy Roberts, MPP for Ottawa West – Nepean in October, passed Wednesday on third reading in the legislature… More here.

Please make this true for every country in the world…

5 thoughts on “Making daylight time permanent

  1. But which would you pick for the UK? BST is great in the summer but the dark mornings in the winter are bad especially in Scotland or NI, so better stick with GMT all year round.

  2. A couple of things. The Ontario law is dependent on New York and Quebec also making the change. I can understand Quebec – same country and same time zone. Not sure why New York was included.

    I looked at the variation in sunrise and sunset times. Assuming we still have time zones, it’s going to be close everywhere although this is Mountain. If it’s Daylight Savings all year, then Sunrise/Sunset is 8:15am and 4:50pm in January, and 5:30am and 8:25pm in June. If it’s Standard Time all year, then it’s 7:15am and 3:50pm in January, and 4:30am and 7:25pm in June.

    Going Standard Time gives more light in the morning and Daylight gives more light in the afternoon/evening.

  3. As one who lives in Ontario, this is a joke. Waiting for your two biggest neighbours to get on board before it becomes a reality is just a game of optics.

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