4 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

  1. There’s a few reviews out now, that seem to be quite different in opinions. Most though agree that if you compare 12 pro to 12pro max, there’s not much in it, except specific shots (eg. video inside a car, where the stability stuff makes a difference). I think camera geeks will like it, especially when shot raw as theyll have more control.

    For most people – the upgrade is over a 2 year device. A lot seems to be down to the new neural chip. So I was interested to watch one piece that showed that many shots on an iphone 12 (presumably same on the mini) were better than an 11pro, despite the 11pro still having the better camera setup. It was the way the chip worked. Also, that nightmode and portrait stuff works on all cameras now. This is what will matter to most people, in which case if you fancy a small phone, get the 12 mini, normal phone, get the 12, and if you want size / battery, go for the max. I can’t recommend the 12 pro really therefore, I dont see where the extra $$$ is worth it over the 12.

    Personally, I waited for the max (despite being tempted to go for the 12pro because I’m impatient). This may well be an excellent decision, depending on whether the mini has great battery life. Seems silly that the debate for me seemed to be between these two in the end.

  2. Yeah, I get the feeling the camera upgrade over my iPhone 11 Pro Max ain’t worth rushing things for. And camera upgrades are about all I crave..

    “That cannot be worth the trade off for the extra size.” — personally large screens are a plus for me. A little bit slightly older eyes, but just seeing more content.

    I think the thing about the battery. I wonder if batteries have the same % degradation over years?

      1. Another side note… right now I’m enjoying a (cheap!) goofy yellow silicone case that replaced the apple silicone one that lasted about a year (I added black electrical tape for grip. and to look like a bumblebee)

        The new Pro metals almost seem like a reason to avoid upgrading. Like I’d be tempted to go back to without a case, but those new materials at the high end seem too conservative for their own good.

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