The MOFT Float

In its folded avatar, the MOFT Float looks and feels like any iPad Pro cover. It’s both rugged yet deceptively slim, and fits not one, but two friction hinges into its design, allowing you to open it out and pivot your tablet at any viewing angle as well as adjust the height to over 3-inches off the tabletop surface. The Float case comes with three modes of usage based on how you use the tablet. A Floating Mode gets the iPad elevated off a tabletop surface, perfect for longer, more natural viewing sessions like watching a movie, attending a zoom-call, or using the iPad as a makeshift laptop or a secondary screen for your primary computer. For more interactive usage, the Stable Mode puts your iPad directly on a tabletop surface, allowing you to tap/touch/draw on its screen frequently without having it rocking back or forth. Rotate the iPad 90° and it goes into Portrait Mode, giving you the freedom to use the iPad in its natural vertical orientation… More here.

Great design and I can see many potential uses for this.

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