All About The Apple Watch

After that, I sit down with two other HODINKEE Radio alums, John Gruber and Om Malik. In addition to being lovers of mechanical watches, these guys are two of the brightest minds on the planet when it comes to all things Apple. John covers the company extensively on both Daring Fireball and The Talk Show, and Om has been on the Apple beat for over two decades. That they’re both thoughtful guys with great senses of humor only makes conversations like this even more fun. Whenever I’m in Cupertino for one of Apple’s big events, I always make sure to get a coffee with John and Om before heading back to my hotel to get their takes on the latest announcements. I consider it my personal gut-check. Since we couldn’t do it a few weeks ago during the virtual event, I’m glad we could make it happen on air for all of you to hear… More here.

Interesting mix of horology and Apple tech commentary in one podcast.

Categories: Apple, Podcasts, Smartwatches, Wareable, Watches

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