McGST Podcast Episode 14 (Dogs)

This episode explores the question of breeding dogs with known and potentially fatal health issues, the effect they have on our lives and what Murray has meant to me and my family the past five years. And why he may be about to break our hearts…

Music by Tom Munch

7 thoughts on “McGST Podcast Episode 14 (Dogs)

  1. I feel for you and Murray and your family. Purebreds have all kinds of problems, as you’ve found out. I’m hoping for the best for him, and it’s definitely not fair to him to be cut down in his prime years. We’ve been down this road many times before. A friend once told me that they live short lives so we can love more of them in our relatively long lives. It’s little comfort, but it helped me.

    1. Love that comment Tom. Thanks!

  2. As you said, heartbreaking. Our pets are family. They depend on us to take care of them. And when you can’t, it feels just as bad as if it were any family member. They also depend on us to do what’s best for them. Hopefully Murray can lay beside you for many years to come.

    1. Thanks Bob. Alas we are now looking at days. Had a long chat with the vet this morning. 😥

      1. I’m sincerely sorry. Been there myself many times. It’s never easy.

      2. So sorry, Shaun. ❤️🐾

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