Every solution has a problem

The NHS Covid-19 app was released yesterday and I decided to download it and have a look at how it compares to others. As you can see advice, I then deleted it because I have no faith in the ability of the app to not false positive me or in its overall accuracy.

It relies on voluntary isolation if you are asked to isolate and, believe it or not, you remain anonymous. Only you will know that you have been told to isolate.

Take a look at the tweet below-

11% or people to date have gone into quarantine after being advised to do so by the NHS, and not doing so results in a financial penalty if you are caught.

So, with a financial penalty just 1 in 10 are doing the right thing. What is the likely number under this app which seems to be far too reliant upon goodwill? Goodwill which can’t even seem to extend to everyone wearing a mask in a shop.

This is not going to work is it?

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2 replies

  1. Interesting but unfortunately not that surprising. I haven’t seen any statistics about our Covid-19 app in Canada.

  2. I think this was the big debate about using apple & google’s stuff vs the alternative route that ultimately failed. Apple/Google route was more anonymous.

    Im unclear – is it now required to scan the QR code at venues you visit with the app? Ie. if you don’t you can’t go out to dinner etc?

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