Vinyl Sales Surpass CD Sales

Physical sales overall dropped by 23% in the first half of this year, likely because fewer people are leaving their homes, nevermind to visit music stores. However, CD sales declined by 48% whereas vinyl sales started to climb, particularly during the week of Record Store Day “Drops” when 802,000 records were sold. Unsurprisingly, digital sales continued to decrease by 22%, accounting for $351 million… More here.

There are a ton of useful stats in the above article. I would suggest, however, that the vinyl bump is a tiny blip in a streaming music world. Thanks to Bob.

1 thought on “Vinyl Sales Surpass CD Sales

  1. ah, didn’t at first realize these numbers were US.
    They say CDs are still pretty dominant in Japan, so I wonder what the worldwide numbers look like.

    Still don’t fully get the appeal “streaming” but that’s a ramble for another day.

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