McGST Podcast Episode 10 (what if covid-19 happened 50 years ago?)

Idea for Jo’s podcast … You could chat about covid in respect to how it would have effected our generation as kids.. no mobiles, iPads, social media, 4 channels on TV .. would have been very different. Simon

I ignored the ‘Jo’s podcast’ bit and decided to have a bash at the idea above from Simon myself.

It is a hard scenario to consider because there are positives and negatives to any period of time, but is it possible that the same outcome would occur in any decade because everything balances out in the end?

Music by Tom Munch (

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  1. it seems so weird to try and keep kids, especially really young ones, over video conferencing

    I have a friend who’s a bit more conservative than me and has been homeschooling for a few years – not in a “my kids must not be taught evolution!” way but in a “I think the public schools kinda suck around here and I can’t afford the private ones”. anyway, in retrospect his plans seems smarter now 😀

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