Wear OS won’t be able to play music…

It might come as a surprise to some but it was only when Google announced the impending shutdown of Play Music that users of the service let the world known that they do exist and are not happy. Google promised that YouTube Music would be on par with the retiring service but many beg to differ even to date. Now comes yet another blow, this time for those who prefer to keep their music on their wrist, literally.

That the Play Music app for Wear OS will be going away is not really a surprise. Unfortunately for Wear OS, it leaves a hole that no other app is able to fill in, at least for now. While you can load music on your smartwatch to play without streaming without a smartphone nearby, you can only do so with the Google Play Music app… More here.

This is an ongoing Google problem, too many services and solutions and thus some drop off with big consequences for users.

1 thought on “Wear OS won’t be able to play music…

  1. I got an email the other day letting me know about it. They claim the same team is behind both services, which makes me wonder why they didn’t take the option of merging the two services to market an even bigger and better one. But I suppose that my thinking is just too simplistic, and it’s just not possible in real life for some reason.

    Looking into it somewhat further, I was also surprised to find out Spotify does play music offline on Tizen OS but not on Wear OS.

    Google does seem to have all these little projects going, which can be cool until you invest in the wrong one then you get attached and finally you’re left hanging. But I suppose that can happen to any service or app really.

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