We are just a little bit broken

Just over a week later, into early April, Pearse describes a worsening situation. “More patients are dying than expected. Normally, as an intensive care doctor, I would expect to save the lives of two out of every three people, but at the moment, during the pandemic, we seem to be only saving one out of two lives.”

Later that month, Pearse recounts how a dying patient could only say goodbye to their daughter via a video call. This prompted a discussion within the unit about how it could better allow family to be present at the end of life. “Care of dying patients is such an important of what we do and something we take such pride in” Pearse says… More here.

My wife is worried about what comes next and I hate seeing her have to go through it all over again. We clapped, we gave discounts and everyone loved the NHS. I worry that so many have forgotten already…

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