The BlackTea

It was developed by a startup out of Munich, Germany, and it embodies the classic spirit and design of a ’70s Scrambler motorcycle.

But instead of spewing hydrocarbon exhaust, it spews electrons instead. (Or more accurately, cycles electrons rapidly through a motor/controller/battery loop, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.)

The electric moped isn’t really an electric moped as it lacks functional pedals, instead opting for motorbike foot pegs. But with a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), it falls closer in line with moped speeds… More here.

I love this design. Feels like the past few decades rolled in to one product.

One thought on “The BlackTea

  1. Get some solar panels (maybe on it or maybe a charging station) and you are ready to look stylin’ in a Mad Max future!

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