I Miss My Sharp Personal Organizer

It explains why I absolutely had to have a personal organizer that opened like a laptop to reveal a screen on the top and a full QWERTY keyboard on the bottom, despite it being far too small to actually use for touch typing. Even though, aside from a few phone numbers and birthdays, I didn’t have much data to actually store on my ZQ-3000, I still carried it everywhere I was allowed to—which was everywhere but school. Its screen was monochromatic, low-res, and impossible to read at night, editing text was a huge pain without a touch screen, it had a paltry 32KB of storage, and the device lacked even a single basic game, but carrying around the ZQ-3000 still made me feel like I was part of the next generation of personal computing, freed from beige desktop towers or having to lug around a five-pound laptop that was always in need of charging. (It was years before I had to swap out the batteries on my organizer.) More here. Thanks to Kirk.

I had a Casio version as my very first PDA in the early 1990’s and it started a long and expensive journey for me.

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