The Long Road to The Porsche 911

At the time, Porsche was a company without designers. The self-confident engineers considered it superficial and something of a luxury to think about design. The first Porsche, the 356, was a functionalist manifesto. The first prestigious Porsche salesroom on Park Avenue in New York was designed by the elderly Frank Lloyd Wright, whose final works also included a house for the Porsche importer Max Hoffmann built at the gates of New York. In pictures featuring a Porsche in front of Wright’s late work, the colors and forms of both house and sports car appear related. They were messengers of a new age that had already begun and whose victory was imminent… More here.

Excellent article. Excellent car.

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  1. I have always loved the 911. In a different world I would have bought a ‘71 911 in 1985 when instead I bought an ‘84 Rabbit GTI. I have always wondered how that would have gone. I would have bought a matching trailer to haul my music equipment to gigs. Alas, it was a beautiful dream.

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