I drunk a coffee, in public!

The new normal is starting to feel a bit more normal now that things are starting to open up. Yesterday, my wife and I notice that the local Costa Coffee was open to sit in and so we had a coffee and a hot chocolate, and you would not believe how nice it was to do something so normal.

Costa has got the social distancing right and all of the precautions are in place in a way that does not feel too constrictive. The same applies to the huge Bluewater shopping centre that we visited last weekend- it actually felt completely normal which was a real surprise.

The true test will come tomorrow when face masks become mandatory in public enclosed places. I wonder how different this will make everything feel? I am all for anything that helps slow the spread, but it will curious to see how some react to it and do worry that the morons will cause a few issues just like we have seen in the US.

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