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I am using the ‘A3 pro’ name because that is what appears on the battery status panel on my iPhone. I could use the real name of Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones,Touch Headphones with Microphone,Auto Pairing, IPX7 Waterproof HIFI Stereo Headphones,for Apple/Airpods/Android/iphone/Airpods2/AirPods Pro, but that would be cumbersome.

The colour name given to these earbuds is also ‘air-pods pro’ which may give you a glimpse of what the manufacturer is trying to do here. They are white.

And when you look at the box above it is plainly obvious what is happening here. These earbuds are, from a distance, AirPods Pro by design and are a blatant copy. The box is very similar, the buds are physically almost identical, the charging case is the same and the copying goes even further, to a point that I did not expect.

When I opened the case I went through the following screens on my iPhone which shocked me. I didn’t realise that external hardware could do this on an iPhone aside from an official Apple product, but it most certainly can.

I’m not going to write much about these earbuds because they piss me off in the lack of effort and the fakery they employ. The sound is mediocre at best, not bad for podcasts, and the connectivity is at times poor (Bluetooth 5.0?), but when they work they work quite well.

Put them in your ears and the iPhone knows, take them out and the iPhone knows, the battery level is shown on the iPhone and battery performance is more than good enough. They are incredibly light and very, very comfortable with slightly better build quality than I would expect for the price.

I paid £19.99 on a flash sale, normally around £40, and for that money they are hard to ignore. It still feels like buying a wearing a fake Rolex though.

Available here.

UPDATE: I found the following two features by accident after writing the above. I’m not convinced of the fit test, but then again I didn’t believe the AirPods Pro feature either.

3 thoughts on “A3 pro quick review

  1. Would appreciate if you could do an detailed review on Sound quality and Mic quality.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for this review. How did you find this feature for your A3 Pros? I got a pair from Amazon today and have the latest iOS running on my iPhone (11) and this option is not coming up under the Bluetooth settings for me. Thanks so much

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