Oris Divers Sixty Five 733 7720 4054MB (part 1: justification)

Justifying a watch is something that has perplexed me for some time and now that I have a choice I still don’t 100% know how I came to it.

I have owned a Tudor Black Bay Red, a Black Bay GMT and a Black Bay 58, but none of them stayed with me. The Red felt too big after I lost a lot of weight, the GMT felt too cold thanks to the white markings and general styling, and the 58 felt too small and was snapped up by my son within a day of my purchasing it.

I have also owned an Oris Aquis, again felt too big after some time, and the blue Divers Sixty Five (01 733 7720 4055-07 8 21 18) which I sold due to moving to Tudor. As it happens, the Sixty Five was the biggest regret of all of my watch flipping and I have quietly hankered for one again. The 733 7720 4054MB is, in my opinion, a preferable choice purely because of the colours and the way it shines when on the wrist.

Anyway, I also struggled a little bit with the Tudors because I had a sense that they were too expensive for me and that I was somehow undeserving of such a thing. This may sound silly, and I am considered by most people I know to be over confident if anything, but I couldn’t shake the sense of who I believe myself to be and at what level I should be spending money on something that is technically unnecessary.

Also, that small fear of wearing an expensive watch stayed with me and while it is not a Rolex I do presume that some will know what Tudor is. This would never stop me from buying a watch on its own, but it would stop me wearing an expensive and obvious Rolex in certain situations.

The subject of watches and their value is a deep one should you choose to dive in, a good start would be by watching the video from IDGuy below-

I have struggled with the perceived value of some luxury watches and even though I fully respect the craftsmanship and understand that product pricing is rarely made up of just the components (research, design, marketing, customer service, distribution, brand protection, resource, buildings etc etc) there is a strong sense with many brands that the value is simply not there on any level to me.

From the likes of MVMT and Daniel Wellington who make, lets be honest here, utter crap to TAG and Gucci who rely very heavily on their names to charge +£1,000 for average quartz pieces that cannot possibly justify such costings on a material level. I should clarify that Gucci in particular make pieces that are shocking for the money and that TAG are better, but I am one of those who feel that TAG is more flannel and bluster than anything else.

When I look higher up to Rolex and beyond I really do struggle. I love the Oyster Perpetual 39 in white and believe that just over £4,000 somehow feels reasonable, but could I bring myself to justify such a purchase? Maybe one day.

At this time £1,000 – £1,500 feels OK for me and this is one reason why I chose this particular model. There are, however, many other considerings which I will try to explain in part two.

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