My Watch Story

Ever wanted to produce, direct, and star in your own watch video, and be featured on HODINKEE? Well, here’s your chance. Now that Watch Madness is over, we wanted to keep the storytelling spirit of Talking Watches going, but this time, we’re putting the ball in your court. We’re turning the microphones and cameras over to you, our beloved readers, for a chance to be featured on the site in a new video series we’re calling “My Watch Story.”

We know you have a story to tell. Maybe it’s a watch passed on from a family member; maybe it’s a watch bought to commemorate a career achievement; or maybe it’s a watch that accompanied you on an unforgettable adventure – whatever your story, we want to hear it… More here.

I like things like this and as it happens I posted ‘My Watch Story’ on S&S exactly one year ago.

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