The Tudor Black Bay 58. Perfect?

I bought a Black Bay 58 in January 2009 on a leather strap and found it to be too small and somewhat lost on my wrist. It was hard to describe exactly, but something didn’t worth right for me.

My son, however, fell in love with it straight away and so bought it from me. It took him 4 months to pay me for it and I was fairly generous on the price, but at 19 years old he did well and I only lost £100 on the purchase. Admittedly I lost more because if I was a flipper I could have made a profit, but he is my son after all.

Recently he came home to stay with us from Uni because of the Covid-19 situation and one day while bored we attached my SARB035 bracelet to the 58, and what a difference it made! He has now ordered a Strapcode bracelet designed specifically for the watch.

All of a sudden it had presence and it felt perfect on my wrist. Everything about it shone in a new light for me and I am now gutted that I sold it to him. More than a year later I want the 58 again and may just get one in the next couple of months to help me get through the boredom of lockdown…

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