Over the holidays, my friend Craig Hockenberry started working on a small Mac app with a small name: Tot. The basic idea: Tot has one window containing seven and only seven scratchpads for collecting text. Tot is most certainly not a full-blown notes app — it’s like the difference between scrap paper and a notebook. Tot is a replacement for temporary Untitled documents in your favorite text editor or full-blown notes app. Tot was largely inspired by Andre Torrez’s utterly simple but deceptively clever app Tyke — a simple scratchpad that lives in your menu bar… More here.

This looks OK, but it is expensive for what it is. Bear appears to be a better bet in my view. Thanks to Kirk.

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  1. Also, the partial inspiration to Tot, “Tyke”, might still be worth having –
    it does even less, but when I wanted to double check a new password by seeing it for a second, I realized I liked the idea of an even more simplistic scratchpad that wasn’t sending things over icloud

    And “Simplenote” is probably a more apt competitor to Bear. Similar UI, and unless you really need markdown, Simplenotes cost (free?) and web access is something I don’t think Bear offers… (along with solid iOS and MacOS clients..)

    Plus simplenote offers “download all my notes in a big zip file” – not sure if Bear does too, but I really appreciate services that facilitate backing up or moving your data en masse…

    (I only tried Bear for a bit, with the idea of having a separate service for my work life, that was more elegant than Evernote…)

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