I have tried many services to send long form articles to my Kindle and none of them have worked as I would want them to. The official Amazon Send to Kindle service is hit and miss at best, Instapaper requires a subscription payment to make it work and even then it is less than reliable, and all of my other efforts have produced an experience which is not consistent enough to make it worth my time.

I spotted SENDtoREADER online and though I would have one last try in finding a service that works, and I think this is the one.

The free trial is generous at 14 days and so far I have sent a few articles to my Kindle with every one coming through perfectly formatted and complete with all images etc. Not a single article has had any problems and I am already feeling that this could be a long term option for me. I am not 100% certain and I explain why later.

All adverts are removed and in many ways it feels like the Apple Read Later service, but on a Kindle which is of course for many of us a better way to read.

Your articles can be bundles into eBooks which is a nice touch. If, for example, you have a particular interest and have a few articles saved it makes sense to bundle them all together and read them later with that classic book feeling. This will also save space in your library because you will not be scrolling through countless items to find what you need. This can be slow and annoying because of the speeds Kindles work at and the touch technology use, but here you have a way around that.

RSS feeds can also be delivered to your Kindle in full-text format which again is nice, but I suspect that only a few RSS die-hards will need it.

This service works fantastically well and I am already benefiting from it, but the $6 / month subscription charge troubles me a little. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the costs of creating the software, the API, the hosting which can be high for a service like this and I don’t for one moment think that the developer is overcharging. The problem is that subscription fatigue is a thing these days and when I consider the cost of Netflix, Apple Music, TomTom etc, in my mind there is a comparative difficulty in seeing $72 / year for this service. Offer me a $50 one off payment for the year and I am in. Offer me the opportunity to pay yearly, even at $72, and I would likely be tempted. The monthly thing, however, feels bigger than it really is.

So to sum up, this is the best service of this kind I have used to date and if you are looking for a ‘send to Kindle’ service that actually works, this is the one!

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